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Am I a former quality guy … I am “former” a lot of things, all of which are still important. I have written software, taught, been an information security practitioner (CISSP, CISM), information security auditor (CISA), and earned my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt in Verizon’s program. And these days I am doing work on designing solutions in the cloud, like Amazon Web Services.

At my core, I am an educator. I have a MA in Adult Education and an MS in Information Technology in Education, where my concentration was instructional design.

I have been writing since 1992 across technology, management, information security and audit areas, and education topics as well.

But I dove into instructional design about 10 years ago as I started developing courses for use within Verizon. I have developed more than 50 courses over the last 10 years. My experience makes it easier to talk about the real issues people want to address in the training they want developed.

These days, I would rather focus on instructional design, workforce and individual development. So I guess I am a technologist who learned along the way that I am a teacher and enjoy both the teaching and instructional design sides. I think teachers who understand the instructional design aspects are better at getting their point across and doing it in a way which is more appropriate and beneficial to the learner.

How about you?

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Chris is the co-author of seven books and author of more than 70 articles and book chapters in technical, management, and information security publications.

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